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Creating a website using Nikola

Prerequisites:(What's this?)

It seems appropriate to write about the software I am using to design, build, and host this website. In brief, I am using:

In this post I will discuss my use of Nikola and give a short tutorial of how to get started with your own Nikola website.

Nikola is a Python package that allows the user to create static websites using Python metadata. It allows each webpage to be writen in a markup language such and html or RestructuredText and orchistrates them using Python. Python is a particularly good language to support because it leads the way for open source scientific programming, and is rapidly growing throughout science.

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Welcome to my website and blog, where I hope to keep an up-to-date record of my research as well as post about things that interest me. Having recently started my PhD, I have a lot of things to write about and a lot of time to write them, so now seems like an appropriate starting point to record my progress.

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