New publication: MHD waves in an asymmetric magnetic slab

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In our latest paper, Robertus Erdélyi and I give a complete account of the transverse magneto-acoustic waves that can propagate along an asymmetric isolated magnetic slab.

It is well known that magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves can be guided by inhomogeneous structures in the solar atmosphere. This work builds upon previous work on propagating MHD waves guided by a symmetric magnetic slab (Roberts 1980). The generalisation to an asymmetric slab, i.e. different plasma parameters on each external region of the slab, introduces a coupled dispersion relation due to the mixed sausage/kink nature of the modes. We demonstrate how the wave spectrum is affected by varying the external parameters, and discuss the potential applications this gives us for magnetic field diagnostics in the solar atmosphere as a tool for solar mageto-seismology. We finish by making an interesting analogy to a classical mechanical spring-mass system which demonstrates a strikingly similar set of oscillation modes.

This work has been published open-access in the peer-reviewed journal Solar Physics and is free to read online here. The online version can be found here.


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