Open mindful

Open mind?

Are you open-minded?

I don't know a single person who would answer no. Surely that is a good thing. Open-mindedness means considering opposing ideas, with the aim of moving closer to the truth. For this to be considered a positive virtue by many means that people see value in the truth and using a rational process to get there. Just like in science, where theories are assessed against observation and prediction to iteratively move toward a true description of reality, opening your mind is to assess your current views against contradicting arguments and the implications of them. If another point of view seems logically closer to the truth, then that should take precedence over your previously held view.

To open your mind is not necessarily to change your mind. Maybe your views are more correct than not. But how likely is it that, by opening your mind of finite thoughts to the infinitum of ideas in the world, your views would still be the correct ones? It seems unlikely. That is to say, to open your mind is, in practice, to iteratively change it as you discover new information.

If you are open-minded, ask yourself this: what have you changed your mind about this year?


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