Welcome to my website and blog, where I hope to keep an up-to-date record of my research as well as post about things that interest me. Having recently started my PhD, I have a lot of things to write about and a lot of time to write them, so now seems like an appropriate starting point to record my progress.

Post topics

I have no doubt that the topics discussed in this blog will be a non-constant function of time. That being said, I will lay out the topics I am sure this blog will contain. I intend to focus my posts on my current research which is on solar magnetohydrodynamics but I expect to write about other topics in mathematics, science, and philosophy that I find interesting and important.

Structure of posts

Each post will begin with a prerequisites section which will list the knowledge I am assuming in the post as well as references to resources I would recommend if you would like to understand the prerequisites. This means you can avoid inefficient use of your time reading something that is too advanced or not advanced enough for you.


The target audience for this blog is researchers, students, and laypeople, however certain posts may be more suitable to those with a certain amount of experience. Hopefully this will be clear from the prerequisites section of each post.