As a member of the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre at the University of Sheffield, I currently research in solar magnetohydrodynamic waves under the supervision of Prof. Robertus von Fáy-Siebenbürgen. I have also completed research in meterology, photovoltaics, animal ethics, and wild animal welfare.

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Solar magnetohydrodynamic waves

Waves are a ubiquitous phenomenon in the Sun's atmosphere.

Magnetohydrodynmics (MHD) is the mathematical study of the motion of electrically conducting fluids and provides an appropriate framework to study many solar structures.

My interest in solar MHD waves stems from:

  1. their potential for large scale energy transport from the cool solar surface to the extremely hot atmosphere, and
  2. their use in magneto-seismology: estimating parameters such as the magnetic field strength which are difficult or impossible to measure using traditional methods.

Here are some of my animations of MHD waves:

The red lines illustrate the magnetic field lines that are contained within the waveguide. ~100 more can be found here.



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Also see ResearchGate and OrcID.


Conferences, workshops, and seminars


  • Nervously presenting some results from my Masters research project at the National Astronomy Meeting in 2016.
  • Illustrating at the European Solar Physics Meeting in 2017 how my theoretical work on asymmetric MHD waves can be used to approximate the strength of the magnetic field in structures in the solar atmosphere - something that is traditionally very difficult to do.

Below is a list of the conferences, workshops, and significant seminars I have attended and/or contributed to.

Date Event Venue Contribution
1-4/07/19 National Astronomy Meeting Lancaster University Poster
6-10/05/19 China Europe Solar Physics Meeting Hvar, Croatia Slides
15/11/18 European Solar Physics Online Seminar University of Sheffield (live streamed) Recorded talk
3-7/09/18 BUKS 2018: Waves and Instabilities in the Solar Atmosphere La Laguna, Tenerife Poster
11-15/06/18 EST Science Meeting Giardini Naxos, Sicily
17/04/18 Faculty of Science Showcase University of Sheffield Poster
26-28/03/18 UKMHD/BAMC 2018 University of St. Andrews Slides
12/01/18 RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting: Wave-based heating mechanisms in the solar atmosphere RAS lecture theatre, Burlington House
10/11/17 Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC) seminar University of Sheffield Slides
27/09/17 Applied Mathematics Seminar University of Sheffield Slides
4-8/09/17 15th European Solar Physics Meeting Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Slides
28-1/08/17 STFC Advanced Summer School in Solar System Physics 2017 University of Central Lancashire Slides
3-6/07/17 National Astronomy Meeting 2017 University of Hull
19-21/04/17 UKMHD conference Durham University Slides
16/02/17 School of Mathematics and Statistics postgraduate student seminar University of Sheffield Slides
4-9/09/2016 STFC Advanced Summer School in Solar System Physics 2016 University of Sheffield
28-2/09/2016 STFC Introductory Course in Solar System Plasma Physics 2016 University of St. Andrews
28/06/2016 National Astronomy Meeting 2016 University of Nottingham Slides
11-15/01/2016 OpenAstronomy - Software Carpentry Workshop University of Sheffield
11/12/2015 Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC) seminar University of Sheffield Slides
17/02/2015 Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Showcase University of Sheffield Poster

Public outreach

I've spoken to a public audience about science at Pint of Science and GreenMan Festival.

I have also appeared on camera as part of an outreach project about using mathematical modelling to combat the zombie apocalypse! Check it out:


At the University of Sheffield, I am involved with teaching for the following undergraduate courses:

  • MAS115 Mathematical Investigational Skills (Python, R, Latex, and html programming; mathematical writing) - assistant tutor and marker, Mar 2016 - present,
  • MAS112 Vectors and Mechanics (Projectile motion; circular motion; mathematical models based on first and second order differential equations) - assistant tutor and marker, Sept - Dec 2017,
  • MAS153/159 Mathematics for Chemistry (set theory; calculus; limits; differential equations, etc.) - assistant tutor and marker, Sept 2015 - Dec 2015.

I also tutor mathematics online. Check out my mathematics tutorial videos through Numerade.