I am Matthew Allcock, a PhD student in the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre at the University of Sheffield, funded by the University Prize Scholarship.

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"A day without the Sun is, you know, night"

The Sun is an explosive battleground of magnetic structures ripping each other apart and sending waves around its atmosphere and into outer space.

Mathematics provides a tool to understand these waves and we can use them to uncover unknown properties of the solar plasma. In particular I am interested in:

  • Magneto-hydrodynamic wave theory,
  • Solar magneto-seismology,
  • Solar atmospheric heating.
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"The best way to learn is to teach"

At the Univerisity of Sheffield I have been involved with teaching:

  • Undergraduate mathematics: set theory, calculus, analysis, mechanics, and differential equations,
  • Scientific programming: Python, R, Latex, and html.

I also use digital media to tutor students remotely through Numerade.

I enjoy the difficult task of making complex concepts understandable.

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"Make tomorrow better than today"

I write (not very) regularly about what I do (solar physics research) and what I think about (effective altruism - trying to make the world a better place in the most effective ways).

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